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Sinus Issues

Sinusitis is a widespread ailment diagnosed by doctors more than three million times a year. That doesn't include the people who know they have sinus issues and start taking over-the-counter medications for some temporary relief.

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To begin, what are sinuses?

Sinuses are a connected system of hollow cavities throughout your skull. The largest of these cavities are about an inch wide. Usually, your sinuses are empty except for a layer of mucus.

The real purpose of the sinuses is unknown. Theories include that your sinuses help to humidify the air we breathe or that they help to enhance our voices.

For many, the sinuses are a problematic spot prone to infection. Causes of these infections can be any number of viruses, bacteria, or mold.

Acute and Chronic Sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis symptoms include headaches, or pain around the cheeks, forehead, or the eyes. Severe cases of sinusitus can even lead to pain in your teeth.

Doctors will diagnose Chronic Sinusitis when there is a persistent process of inflammation of the sinuses. Chronic Sinusitis is more than a series of acute attacks, but rather a sign of a more serious issue.

Other issues that cause sinus issues, like deviated septum or allergies

Other conditions that can impact your sinuses are things such as a deviated septum. A deviated septum is when nasal septum is displaced, which can lead to blocked breathing passages.

Hay fever or other allergies can also cause your sinuses to fill with mucus.

Many cases of acute Sinusitis and other conditions related to the nasal passages can cause fluid to block the tissues lining the sinuses, which leads to an infection.

Call Dr. Vanessa Troise for an Appointment

When you see Dr. Vanessa Troise for your sinus issues, she will perform a complete examination and ask about your medical history related to your sinuses. A physical exam may be accompanied by further testing, such as x-rays to help Dr. Troise determine the areas that are causing you a problem. Once Dr. Troise identifies the problematic areas, she will proceed with a treatment plan for your specific needs.

Dr. Vanessa Troise incorporates cranial work into her treatment plan regularly. A major component of the Sacro Occipital Technique of chiropractic practiced by Dr. Troise includes aligning cranial bones which reduces the pressure along the skull and spine where the cerebrospinal fluid circulates. This cranial work will help you with your sinus conditions, as well as other conditions such as migraine headaches, vertigo, and TMJ. Call our office to learn more about how Dr. Vanessa Troise can help you with your sinus issues.


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  • "Dr. Troise's technique is both gentle and highly effective. I felt immediate results after the first visit, and I continue to see improvements in my health and wellness with regular care. I am an active person in my late 40s, and Dr. Troise's care is helping me avoid injuries and recover quickly from the aches and pains of strenuous exercise."